Our Marketing Stack and why Powertic as a Mautic Expert uses Hubspot

First of all, we really believe we have to use the best option available, always, regardless of anything. We are not married to Mautic, we are married to the best practices to use technology to evolve sales We really like Hubspot, we have been using the following Hubspot modules: – CRM– Chat– Calendar Meeting– Facebook

Mautic checklist

If errors appear while importing contacts try to break the list in small parts; Send an email test to to check it you the score; That report will point out many things to check; Check the sender email, sender name if is the right email and name; Remember to click at the button to

Open Source

Mautic 2.15.2 Arrives With New Features and Fixes

Mautic 2.15.2 ships with more than 75 fixes to existing features that stabilize the platform. 6 new features have been added in this release. Key New Features in Mautic 2.15.2 Add Business over IP Lookup Mautic has added the option of creating and linking an IP search information company to its platform. This may not

Open Source

One of the biggest WordPress development companies is changing from Extensions to Hosting and Maintenance – So what does that mean?

WPMUDEV, a 12 year old company, is closing all free extensions (plugins and themes) and heading towards a new business model focused on Hosting and Maintenance. Currently, WPMUDEV is the strongest competitor rivaling WP Engine, Kinsta, Flywheel, and many other WordPress Hosts. In his announcement, James Farmer, co-founder and CEO at WPMUDEV, points out some



For marketers all around the world this morning there was a significant shakeup in the future of their marketing mix. Acquia announced this morning that it acquired the open source marketing automation platform Mautic for a undisclosed amount.


Why Switch from Marketo to Mautic

Almost everyone has heard of Marketo. As far as enterprise marketing automation goes Marketo is a household name, so to speak. It is big and clunky but, for some time now, the best option for enterprise Marketing Automation. Here at Powertic we actually like Marketo. That’s because they paved the way for many new ideas


Better Emails with Mautic: Important Tips When Building a Message

Mautic is an incredible platform to measure the interaction and engagement of your audience with your email marketing content. Creating an email with Mautic is almost an art. However, some items must be taken care of to ensure that this message is received. We’ve talked a lot here on the blog about deliverability and best

5 motivos para usar o template Blank em e-mails no Mautic

5 Reasons to use Blank Template in Emails on Mautic

Whenever I am asked about the structure of an email, whether it is a newsletter, a communication or a simple transactional email, I come across some dilemmas about layout, composition, usability and so many other items that should be addressed and the Blank Template always helps my decision. In this article I’ve listed five items


Mautic cron jobs setup: A Complete Guide

A complete guide with all the Mautic cron job setups you need so your Mautic runs perfectly in your VPS installation. Setting up the right sequence of Mautic cron jobs Although Mautic doesn’t normally allocate many server resources it’s still extremely important to plan the execution of Mautic cron jobs in the right sequence in

Guia Definitivo para Aquecimento de IP com Mautic

What’s Mautic? A Beginner’s Guide Review to Successful Mautic

Mautic is a free open source Marketing Automation software. Nowadays, one of the biggest marketing challenges, in an overloaded world, is how to deliver the right content to the right person at the right moment. Marketing Automation is a knowledge area dedicated to this. Obviously, the software industry tries to associate “Marketing Automation” with software,


Gmail new interface: Hacks for your Email Marketing Campaign

Recently, Google launched a Gmail facelift and with them, a bunch of changes. 1)Unsubscribe suggestion Who work with SEO, know how Google prioritizes the customer experience. The Google update usually comes with a clear intention to help their users to organize and reduce all the noise on the web. Since the beginning was that. Following the Google essence,

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