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Why Switch from Marketo to Mautic

Almost everyone has heard of Marketo. As far as enterprise marketing automation goes Marketo is a household name, so to speak. It is big and clunky but, for some time now, the best option for enterprise Marketing Automation. Here at Powertic we actually like Marketo. That's because they paved the way for many new ideas in the realm of marketing automation. But if you ask me there are many reasons why companies are switching from Marketo to the popular, open source automation software called Mautic.

The One-Dimensional Linear Growth of Proprietary

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Marketo is a proprietary software and while it has a lot of integrations with other platforms it still can’t hold a candle to open source technology like Mautic. One reason for switching from Marketo to Mautic is the fact that Mautic is open source. This means that rather than a board of directors sitting at a big table making decisions about the direction in which a company will grow, it's powered by a community that collectively and autonomously makes that decision.

What’s even more empowering is that Mautic can grow in many different directions simultaneously. It’s not restricted by budgets or resources because the code is open to developers. This allows them to get creative and design complimentary plugins that execute the tasks they design and provide the marketing automation features they desire in an automation software. 

In 2019 no one is waiting around for your SAS business to come up with the next best feature roll-out. Open Source is the way of the future and we predict 2019 will see a more even playing field. Big proprietary brands are going neck-to-neck with open source brands the world over.

A Natural Evolution

In between 2008 and 2013 we saw an influx of SAS solutions. One could argue that the recession of 2008 triggered a change in how companies approach marketing.  Automation was becoming a brilliant alternative. It was a golden age for proprietary SAS companies. As technology got better and budgets allowed, companies like Marketo were piling feature on top of feature.

This growth in features made the marketing automation software very powerful. And so you had many layers of bells and whistles, which was just fine if you had been using Marketo from the beginning in 2008. But before long the dashboard was bogged down with menus and lists. So without knowing it Marketo positioned themselves as a tech heavy solution. This in turn made them less attractive to SMBs and more recently enterprise businesses.

In 2014 a small group of tech savvy marketers wanted to break free of the shackles that restrained their creativity and cunningness. And that's basically how we got Mautic. The technology was advanced enough that by 2014 the launchpad for a new marketing automation experience was well defined. The intuitive experience and flexibility in creative solutions for marketing automation was the driving force. Before you knew it, we had lift-off with the first marketing automation software that offered true open source access to developers and marketers. The sky truly was the limit.

Marketing Automation Should Be Easy

Marketing Automation should be easy. This means that your business shouldn’t have to spend huge resources in training, support, and solution development. This brings us to the second reason why companies are switching from Marketo to Mautic.

Everything about Mautic is easy. It’s intuitive and you can navigate it with little to no training. Because menu items and settings are situated in familiar layouts that are modern and visual.

The campaign design is extremely visual. Because of this as you build out each campaign it is very easy to recognize conditional logic flows.

The email is given new life in Mautic with built-in templates and a vast pool of community developed templates at your fingertips. 

Knowledge is everywhere. With one of the worlds most active communities, switching from Marketo to Mautic opens new doors to creative solutions beyond restrictions.

Points and lead ranking are easy to manage. With simple layouts for all your lead tracking and assigning value to actions and assets, marketers can stay tuned in to all the relative values places on various actions.

Switching from Marketo to Mautic gives you that feeling of decluttering a space. You’ll have a fresh perspective and a nice clean slate to work from.

It’s More Affordable, A LOT More Affordable.

Switching from Marketo to Mautic will save you thousands if not 10’s of thousands of dollars per year. This reason above all others is the most common reason companies make the move to switch to Mautic. As companies struggle to rein in their overhead, this one decision could be the most impactful strategic move a company could make.

Hosting options allow you to amalgamate and control where you host your server. Already an AWS client? Great, simply add the space you need to host mautic and consolidate those costs with the rest of your AWS package. Don’t have a VPS? No problem, there are endless affordable, secure options to explore.

Mautic is free. That’s right – no monthly bill for the software. It keeps getting better and you have access to it for free. Of course like any server based software there is maintenance on your servers, updates, backups and list management. If you don’t have the tech resources in-house to manage those tasks without headache consider a Powertic hosted plan.  

2019 is the Year of Marketing Flexibility

This year we’re going to see a major shift in marketing. This shift will occur over many different marketing channels. At the center of it all will be your ability to automate and get creative in how your marketing automation is integrated. 

This is just another reason why businesses, both small and large, are switching from Marketo to Mautic. They require a marketing automation software that allows them to find and develop creative ways to solve the various challenges marketers face as the landscape shifts. Entire communities all around the world are developing plugins to overcome unique barriers to success. Mautic is quickly becoming an unparalleled hub of marketing flexibility.

As we boldly rush head first into 2019 we’re going to see a heavy focus on content, especially video. Businesses need intuitive, easy to use, affordable automation software that amplifies the ROI of video content via gated access. 

Leading with value is still a paramount concept in marketing. Clients are switching from Marketo to Mautic so they can track that value and extrapolate the data to make better decisions about MQL and SQL touch points.

It’s Getting Better, Faster, With no End in Sight

There’s no question that Mautic's ability to grow and improve is far superior than Marketo. Unconstrained by budgets and bureaucracy, thousands of passionate marketers and developers are coming together to develop new solutions and features at an exponential rate.  

Today, Mautic has pockets of vibrant communities thriving all over the world. Thousands of marketing, programming and business minds pouring their talent into a framework that was designed to empower the marketer – not bridle the marketer.

We'd be happy to give you the executive tour of Mautic. Get in touch today! 

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