Powertic was born within the open source community, its founders Luiz Eduardo and Rodrigo Demetrio met in the Mautic Brasil community, a community created by Demetrio and today with 8k members.

” Powertic was born within the community “

Both realized the almost unlimited potential for customization that Mautic brings.

In the second year came a new partner, James Loney, a Canadian who shares the same vision and serves international clients.

There are 3 offices, commercial in Sao Paulo and Ottawa (Canada). Support and development in Pindamonhangaba interior of São Paulo.

Powertic operates in 3 segments:

Technology: Hosting and Development of plugins for Mautic;

Content: Consulting, Training and Support;

Events: MautiCamps, Meetups and Automation Day.

2015 - Campus Party and First Mautic Meetups

2016 - Digitalks, PHP Conference and Mautic Meetups

2017 - Mautic Meetups

2018 - Training in-company, Meetups

2019 - Mautic Training, Acquia Experience, Wordpress Camp SP