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Every successful company knows how to Attract and Retain Customers, achieve those goals with our Mautic solution, accessible to ALL sizes of businesses and most important, with unlimited contacts and resources.

No need for technical knowledge, we will guide you 😉

Deliver the right message at the right time to the right person.

Why Powertic?

Open source can be lonely, not us!

Pioneering Mautic can take years on forums and videos on youtube. Focus on your business and shorten Mautic’s learning path with Powertic.

Mautic Leaders

Powertic is the official maintainer of the Mautic Docker Repository with over 1 million downloads worldwide.

The strength of the crowd! We created Mautic communities with over 8k members

Powertic was born within the community, partners Rodrigo Demetrio and Luiz Eduardo met in the Mautic Brazil community and decided they could contribute more to the Mautic universe.

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James Loney


For marketers all around the world this morning there was a significant shakeup in the future of their marketing mix. Acquia announced this morning that it acquired the open source marketing automation platform Mautic for a undisclosed amount.

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