Mautic Maintenance Checklist

The Mautic Maintenance Checklist is designed to keep every unique Mautic installation in good working health. Every system needs constant monitoring and care and we do this meticulously on every Mautic installation that’s hosted on Powertic.

If you like to dabble with codes, servers and maintenance … enjoy the Mautic Maintenance Checklist!

1 - On the Mautic Administrative Panel

  • Remove Cold Leads (Ex: leads that have not interacted for more than 3 months)
  • Update your email templates
  • Check message sizes and validate your email
  • Remove the Leads marked as bounced or correct the email
  • Remove anonymous leads with no activity in the past 30 days

2 - At the server command line

  • Redo the cache by running 'php app / console cache: clear'
  • Update plugins installed via git
  • Remove logs from app / logs
  • Run “mautic: campaigns: rebuild --force” and check the result
  • Run “mautic: campaigns: trigger --force” and check the result
  • Run the command “mautic: segments: update --force” and check the results
  • Run the command “mautic: segments: update --force” and check the results.
  • Run the command “mautic: iplookup: download” and check the results.

3 - Your day to day tasks

  • Send an email to your entire list asking about submission and provide a link for them to update their profile or unsubscribe.
  • Remove old backups

4 - Maintenance of MySQL

  • Complete the Database Backup
  • Run the analyze table on all tables in the database
  • Run the optimize table on all tables in the database
  • Change the password of the users who accesses the database
  • Make sure your user has% access (leave enabled in the latter case)

5 - Server Maintenance

  • Make a full backup of mautic
  • Update server packages
  • View your Automatic Backup settings (or set them up!)
  • Test the backup restore
  • Determine if you're on any blacklists and get out!
  • Test your email at
  • Check folder permissions
  • Update mautic if necessary
  • Install htop and see server load
  • Remove unnecessary users

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