Better Emails with Mautic: Important Tips When Building a Message

Mautic is an incredible platform to measure the interaction and engagement of your audience with your email marketing content. Creating an email with Mautic is almost an art. However, some items must be taken care of to ensure that this message is received.

We’ve talked a lot here on the blog about deliverability and best practices when building relevant content. And also about the importance of keeping an engaged list. However much of what we observe about deliverability is linked to the content that was built into the message. The deliverability is directly linked to the interaction of the contact . What we can do to improve more and more is to use the tools as allies to guarantee authenticity and build a message with the best quality and the most personal message possible. In addition, it is an attempt to prevent the email client from marking the message as SPAM – the worst case scenario.

Checklist for creating great emails with Mautic

✓ Less is more

Choosing a simple, easy-to-read layout is a great way to make your message more personal. A simple layout will also help circumvent the layout “break”. For example, older versions of Outlook are not able to understand most of the codes that make our emails look better. The Blank template, native to Mautic, builds emails with this simpler code. It’s a good resource not to mention there are other good reasons for you to start using it .

✓ Attention to the use of emojis

For more personal content, many professionals also choose to use emojis. The emojis took care of our communication. And they are great allies to garner engagement through good content. To use them in Mautic, first make sure that your instance is configured with a database that supports this type of binary character. The correct encoding should be UTF8MB4.

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✓ Use Mautic tokens

They are essential and often underused. The most used token, of course is “First Name” it’s a natural and welcome sight to build trust and is one of the best contributors to high engagement metrics. In addition to this, you can customize the message with other data. For example in the case of ecommerce, when suggesting products similar to the first purchase you can cite the characteristics of that interest in the content using the tokens. But of course, as long as you have this information consistently recorded in your contacts on Mautic.

✓ Leave the door open

Among the guidelines for bulk senders available in Help From Gmail , one of the most important  guidelines is to always to have the unsubscribe link in the content of your email. (Typically a footer) For Gmail, and other providers like Outlook, it is important that the user receives the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time he wants. If the lead comes back, congratulations, you won the opportunity to nurture and grow your relationship.

✓ Plain text version

All sent emails have two formats, a text version and the HTML version. Even those text-only content have an HTML code. When providers receive a new message, they always evaluate whether it was sent with both versions. Consequently, they may reject emails that do not have a plain text version. When creating or editing an email with Mautic, simply click “Generate Automatically” in the Simple Text Version option. This feature helps a lot. Above all, it’s important to check if the contents of the plain text version are exactly the same as the HTML version – they can never be different.


Finally, we understand that deliverability is an impacted on all sides. From the technical side, such as domain authentication or IP with blacklists even the contact interaction. Certainly with Mautic it is possible to measure this interaction. Good contact management  is imperative for a positive email reputation with Mautic. Especially since it is a platform built for this purpose. We must remember that email marketing is not the only existing communication channel on Mautic. There are several benefits of Multi Channel Marketing with Mautic . (I.e.Powertic Newsletter)


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