For marketers all around the world this morning there was a significant shakeup in the future of their marketing mix. Acquia announced this morning that it acquired the open source marketing automation platform Mautic for a undisclosed amount.

For marketers all around the world this morning there was a significant shakeup in the future of their marketing mix. Acquia announced this morning that it acquired the open source marketing automation platform Mautic for a yet to be disclosed amount.

Mautic is the only open-source alternative in the marketing automation vertical. It is quickly becoming one of the most powerful engines driving real innovation in marketing automation. Unlike the powerhouses that currently corner the market, such as Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, and eloqua to name a few; Mautic is completely free. It consists of a massive network spending from all corners of the globe with a huge community in Brazil which is driving significant innovation and creativity.

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A Little Background on Acquia

Image result for drupalFounded by Dries Buytaert and Jay Batson, Acquia is a SAAS company centered around enterprise use of the open-source web development tool, Drupal. Drupal was developed by Buytaert in his college dorm room after he had access to his first high speed internet connection.

Aquia is passionate about open source technology and is among the few companies today that has cast away the idea of proprietary licensing on a product and instead invested their time and effort in innovation.

A Little Background on Mautic

Image result for MauticFounded by David Hurley in Boston Massachusetts, David is a strong supporter of open-source technology and the decentralization of the web.

Mautic is a marketing automation platform with more than  100 Martech (Marketing Technology) integrations right out of the box. It has meticulously documented API libraries for vast and ever growing list of applications.

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Mautic is most attractive due to its versatility in various environments, from small business to enterprise corporations. As a company grows and embraces new and exciting methods of marketing, that creativity can be bridled and restricted by the limitations and lack of flexibility delivered by traditional marketing automation platforms. As though there is only one cookie-cutter way to do marketing automation.

Mautic threw this concept in the blender and started with fresh ideas about how data, communication and customer relationships could be improved if creative minds had the ability to integrate with the applications and technology that are right for their business.

Breaking the chains of vendor lock-in, Mautic has developed a simple and open alternative to marketing automation that is less expensive and more versatile.

What does the Mautic Acquisition Mean to Existing Mautic Users?

While it’s still early in the game to make specific predictions about the future, what we do know is that it’s business as usual. Mautic will continue to roll out updates, and members of the Mautic Cloud will not experience any issues during this transition as all Mautic employees have been offered positions at Acquia.

We can get excited that this merger will likely bring about a new phase of innovation and with this latest injection of financing we can presume these developments will roll our quicker as Acquia has a strong history in developing successful full scale SaaS applications.

What Does the Mautic Acquisition Mean to the Marketing Automation Landscape?

All we can say here at powertic is – watch out competitors! This acquisition is a meaningful announcement to the Marketing community that open-source is the future.

According to BuiltWith, currently 50% of the world’s top 10k websites use open-source technology. While 30% are using wordpress, 10% are using Drupal and another 10% are using other various open-source solutions.

If we take a closer look at that 10% using Drupal, which is said to be more secure than wordpress, we see that the majority of those websites are massive enterprise level companies.

A closer look at just the Marketing Automation vertical we see an even more encouraging trend in open source and some sources are reporting market opportunities as high a $9 billion.

What we should get really excited about is that this merger will come together to form Acquia’s Open Digital Experience Cloud. This amalgamation will give marketers the versatility to embrace trending developments in technology such as AI, Voice, and connected devices.

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