Novidades e Correções do Mautic 2.2.1

Novidades e Correções do Mautic 2.2.1

A equipe do Mautic liberou mais uma grande atualização com 44 correções de bugs. O Mautic 2.2.1 chega 7 dias após a versão 2.2.0 e não apresenta nenhuma grande novidade, apenas otimiza tudo o que foi apresentado na semana passada com a versão 2.2.0.

Não deixe de ver nosso guia sobre Como atualizar para o Mautic 2.2

Changelog do Mautic 2.2.1

  • #2639 [Contact] mt(…) tracking function can be called multiple times per page load to support SPA
  • #2731 [Emails] Fixed misaligned bar graphs
  • #2688 [Developer] Fix PHPDocs for WebhookPermissions class (@jordan8037310)
  • #2658 [Translations] Added missing translation string for mautic.campaign.twitter.tweet
  • #2635 [Contacts] Added timeline event for stage changes
  • #2603 [Campaigns] Fixed campaign builder tooltips
  • #2601 [Emails] [Pages] imageDefaultWidth set to 0 which means any default width is not set
  • #2728 [Contacts] JS tracking encodes values sent via tracking pixel query
  • #2723 [Campaigns] Fixed default campaign marketing email settings
  • #2721 [Companies] Fixed wording for company owner
  • #2716 [Contacts] [Segments] Prevent contacts from getting prematurely removed from a segment
  • #2715 [Email] Fixed issue where same inbox settings were used for both bounce and unsubscribe monitoring
  • #2714 [SMS] Fixed various SMS management quirks
  • #2713 [Segments] Fixed a bad merge with fields in segments
  • #2712 [Plugins] Hide missing plugins from plugin list and fixed updating the is missing flag
  • #2711 [UI] Fix for dropdowns in table-responsive using JS
  • #2710 [Emails] Added Host Not Found regex for bounce processing
  • #2709 [Forms] Fixed minute date format for exported form results
  • #2708 [Email] Fixed testing mailer with API key
  • #2707 [Focus] Fixes ability to save Focus permissions on mautic 2.2.1
  • #2706 [Email] Prevent in Outlook email tag from getting converted to emoji
  • #2705 [Focus] Removed catch that prevented builder from closing without selecting a type or style
  • #2704 [Companies] Fixed issue that prevented removing a company from a contact and repopulated company in campaign action.
  • #2699 [Themes] Uploading a theme without selecting a file shows a validation error
  • #2696 [Focus] Fixed rendering issue in the Focus builder for Chrome
  • #2682 [Social] Fix Social Monitoring firstName, lastName import order (@jordan8037310)
  • #2669 [Companies] [Contacts] Fixed issue that prevented adding a contact to a company
  • #2663 [Forms] Fixed issue where company custom fields were visible in form field to contact field matching
  • #2659 [DWC] Remove dynamic content button from default button list, add only to emails
  • #2654 [UI] Display message when widgets have no data
  • #2647 [Page] Fix UTM: Cannot use object of type MauticLeadBundleEntityUtmTag as array (@kuzmany)
  • #2642 [Contacts] UTM tags were no longer showing on the contact's timeline
  • #2634 [Emails] Throw 404 instead of PHP error if email was not found
  • #2633 [General] Suppress PHP warning when transliterator_transliterate cannot be created
  • #2632 [Emails] Added index for faster loading of the email table
  • #2631 [Pages] [Assets] [Forms] Referer database schema column length increased to avoid SQL error
  • #2628 [Reports] Export the first row as well as the header row
  • #2625 [Emails] [Pages] No need to encode ‘{}' because visual tokens are not used anymore
  • #2623 [SMS] Fixes URL shortening in SMS (@Yame-)
  • #2622 [Forms] Skip required validation when field is hidden by ‘hide if exist' and has existing value. (@Yame-)
  • #2616 [Contacts] Default values imported, boolean values can be true/false/yes/no
  • #2613 [Salesforce] Plugin was not fetching the correct fields per object
  • #2611 [Emails] Correct assets handling for EmailController (@PatchRanger)
  • #2600 [Points] Point trigger table ordering fixed
  • #2595 [Contacts] Removed ellipses class that caused timeline table to extend beyond the boundaries

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  1. Oi Luis,
    Muito interessante todo o seu blog. Eu sou um amante de Mautic e constantemente olhando para espremer o máximo.

    Você pode criar um guia sobre como definir Mautic com web push? Eu tentei muitas vezes, mas não conseguiu.

    forte saudação do Uruguai

  2. eu também quero saber como usar esse recurso com o mautic, estou aguardando o vídeo