Novidades e Correções do Mautic 2.2.1

A equipe do Mautic liberou mais uma grande atualização na versão 2.2.1 com 44 correções de bugs.

A equipe do Mautic liberou mais uma grande atualização com 44 correções de bugs. O Mautic 2.2.1 chega 7 dias após a versão 2.2.0 e não apresenta nenhuma grande novidade, apenas otimiza tudo o que foi apresentado na semana passada com a versão 2.2.0.

Não deixe de ver nosso guia sobre Como atualizar para o Mautic 2.2

Changelog do Mautic 2.2.1

  • #2639 [Contact] mt(…) tracking function can be called multiple times per page load to support SPA
  • #2731 [Emails] Fixed misaligned bar graphs
  • #2688 [Developer] Fix PHPDocs for WebhookPermissions class (@jordan8037310)
  • #2658 [Translations] Added missing translation string for mautic.campaign.twitter.tweet
  • #2635 [Contacts] Added timeline event for stage changes
  • #2603 [Campaigns] Fixed campaign builder tooltips
  • #2601 [Emails] [Pages] imageDefaultWidth set to 0 which means any default width is not set
  • #2728 [Contacts] JS tracking encodes values sent via tracking pixel query
  • #2723 [Campaigns] Fixed default campaign marketing email settings
  • #2721 [Companies] Fixed wording for company owner
  • #2716 [Contacts] [Segments] Prevent contacts from getting prematurely removed from a segment
  • #2715 [Email] Fixed issue where same inbox settings were used for both bounce and unsubscribe monitoring
  • #2714 [SMS] Fixed various SMS management quirks
  • #2713 [Segments] Fixed a bad merge with fields in segments
  • #2712 [Plugins] Hide missing plugins from plugin list and fixed updating the is missing flag
  • #2711 [UI] Fix for dropdowns in table-responsive using JS
  • #2710 [Emails] Added Host Not Found regex for bounce processing
  • #2709 [Forms] Fixed minute date format for exported form results
  • #2708 [Email] Fixed testing mailer with API key
  • #2707 [Focus] Fixes ability to save Focus permissions on mautic 2.2.1
  • #2706 [Email] Prevent in Outlook email tag from getting converted to emoji
  • #2705 [Focus] Removed catch that prevented builder from closing without selecting a type or style
  • #2704 [Companies] Fixed issue that prevented removing a company from a contact and repopulated company in campaign action.
  • #2699 [Themes] Uploading a theme without selecting a file shows a validation error
  • #2696 [Focus] Fixed rendering issue in the Focus builder for Chrome
  • #2682 [Social] Fix Social Monitoring firstName, lastName import order (@jordan8037310)
  • #2669 [Companies] [Contacts] Fixed issue that prevented adding a contact to a company
  • #2663 [Forms] Fixed issue where company custom fields were visible in form field to contact field matching
  • #2659 [DWC] Remove dynamic content button from default button list, add only to emails
  • #2654 [UI] Display message when widgets have no data
  • #2647 [Page] Fix UTM: Cannot use object of type MauticLeadBundleEntityUtmTag as array (@kuzmany)
  • #2642 [Contacts] UTM tags were no longer showing on the contact’s timeline
  • #2634 [Emails] Throw 404 instead of PHP error if email was not found
  • #2633 [General] Suppress PHP warning when transliterator_transliterate cannot be created
  • #2632 [Emails] Added index for faster loading of the email table
  • #2631 [Pages] [Assets] [Forms] Referer database schema column length increased to avoid SQL error
  • #2628 [Reports] Export the first row as well as the header row
  • #2625 [Emails] [Pages] No need to encode ‘{}’ because visual tokens are not used anymore
  • #2623 [SMS] Fixes URL shortening in SMS (@Yame-)
  • #2622 [Forms] Skip required validation when field is hidden by ‘hide if exist’ and has existing value. (@Yame-)
  • #2616 [Contacts] Default values imported, boolean values can be true/false/yes/no
  • #2613 [Salesforce] Plugin was not fetching the correct fields per object
  • #2611 [Emails] Correct assets handling for EmailController (@PatchRanger)
  • #2600 [Points] Point trigger table ordering fixed
  • #2595 [Contacts] Removed ellipses class that caused timeline table to extend beyond the boundaries

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  1. Oi Luis,
    Muito interessante todo o seu blog. Eu sou um amante de Mautic e constantemente olhando para espremer o máximo.

    Você pode criar um guia sobre como definir Mautic com web push? Eu tentei muitas vezes, mas não conseguiu.

    forte saudação do Uruguai

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