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Modern Marketing and Sales techniques: Learn Marketing Automation and Email Marketing to generate more business

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Marketing and Sales has changed…

There was a time when Marketing only needed to draw people's attention. The Marketing goals was barely create an irresistible offer to move these prospects(potential clients) to talk to a Salesman, mission accomplished.

From there on, with prospects information, the Sales team, with all their experience, they was responsible to guide the prospects until the closing. The salesman knew his speech by heart. In this model the closing always depended on the salesman experience (exclusively)

This process still occurs, but another is happening…

Clients are DISCOVERING, EVALUATING and especially DECIDING the best product or service in an autonomous way, by the content that companies leave on the internet.

Clients are EVALUATING new services and products by themselves

Today the companies and professionals need to know, HOW TO

  • Attract new prospects with the same budget;
  • Organize prospects and send communication frequently to keep a warm relationship with them, clients won't forget you;
  • Develop professional Landing Pages to get more prospects without any kind of programming knowledge, click, drag, drop and publish;
  • Create beautiful and professional emails.

After our Training you will know how to do all these topics, and so much more.

Why learn


Mautic is a free and open source Marketing Automation Platform and has had over 300,00 downloads worldwide. This growth allowed Mautic received many investments and win 2 awards as the best Marketing Automation solution.
In Canada, it is already used by companies of various sectors and sizes. We have already contributed to the implementation in more than 300 companies.

Training Breakdown


Class 01

Mautic Introduction

  • Dashboard
  • Understanding the Tracking
  • How to integrate Mautic with your website/wordpress
  • Email Settings

Class 01

Class 02

Mautic Contacts and Segmentation

  • Contact Management
  • Custom Fields
  • Import Contacts
  • Segmentation

Class 02

Class 03

Mautic Email

  • Email marketing creation
  • Import new themes
  • Topol
  • Mail Tester
  • UTM Tags
  • Links (assets)
  • Text Plain
  • Sending Newsletter

Class 03

Class 04

Mautic Campaign

  • Mautic campaign builder
  • Lead nurturing
  • Sales automation

Class 04

Class 05

Mautic Extras

  • Assets
  • Reports

Class 05

Bonus Class

Landing Pages com Elementor

  • Installing the Elementor
  • Creating the header and Footer
  • Landing page with Mautic Form

Bonus Class


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