Gmail new interface: Hacks for your Email Marketing Campaign


Recently, Google launched a Gmail facelift and with them, a bunch of changes.

1)Unsubscribe suggestion

Who work with SEO, know how Google prioritizes the customer experience. The Google update usually comes with a clear intention to help their users to organize and reduce all the noise on the web. Since the beginning was that.

Following the Google essence, we could imagine they would provide some kind of improvement to reduce dramatically the email spam on the web. They are testing a notification suggestion to become easier to users unsubscribe. As marketers, we know we must to put in our email campaign a unsubscribe link to our contacts, when we don’t put that, Gmail and others email providers do the same, they reduce the email sender relevance until the message goes directly to spam box.

2) Double the email size with attachments

Who uses the Google Inbox, has a glimpse about the Gmail future, that’s because Google tests a lot of new things in Inbox first. It wasn’t different now, they implemented the same Inbox interface on Gmail, where we can see a bigger attachment preview directly in the email list.

As marketers, one of the goals is look up opportunities to differentiate our digital presence and stand out from the crowd. Seeing that, we always try to improve our Google result with Adwords, weblink, images, reviews, address, videos and all these extensions to drawn our visitor’s attention.

Attachments are an excellent opportunity for marketers with the new Gmail interface, as long as you are sending emails, why not include an attachment and double your email size inside the contacts inbox.



You can create incredible calls to action for the files name as well and increase your email presence in your contacts Gmail.



With Mautic you can segment all emails are using Gmail for example, and create a specific campaign for them.

I hope you enjoy the opportunity and share with us the results.


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