Apple wins Grand Prix at Cannes. How your business can replicate the same strategy with Marketing Automation


The Grand Prix won by Apple at Cannes 2018 yesterday drew my attention. Every year the best campaigns and initiatives under the big Marketing/Advertisement umbrella are awarded in Cannes. There are many categories and one of those categories were won by Apple, with the campaign called “Today at Apple”

You can check it out the video promo about the campaign:

The campaign, basically, it’s a content program. What, for me, should be a permanent program instead of a seasonal marketing campaign. But this is another big history.

That’s not the first content campaign to be awarded at Cannes. So, why are the companies increasingly focusing on content? Because the traditional advertisement campaigns, where they hide the problems and overstate the positive points about their products don’t have been had the same effect anymore.  Because of that, brands are looking for the new formats to generate real engagement instead of throwing tons of commercials at consumers.

Content is an excellent way to accomplish this long-sought-after engagement. You can create and implement your content strategy, to teach your customers how to solve their problems through the internet, definitely the cheapest and fastest way to start a content program.

With Marketing Automation you can manage all of these programs. Since from the beginning, creating the content pages, forms for registration, then send content automatically through email, SMS, and notifications.

Some advantages to using the internet as the content platform:

  • Cheap
  • The volume is huge, the long tail is enormous
  • Our digital/virtual presence is so important as our “real” presence because that inbound marketing is fundamental in attracting people to our digital channels.




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